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Milly's Sample Pack



Milly's Sample Pack is a fantastic way to try some of the products in our range! Get your paws on some miniature bottles of our shampoos and grooming products. You will soon fall in love with our handmade product range!

Dog Head Handmade with natural ingredients and no nasty chemicals

Dog Head Packed with vitamins E & B, aloe vera and neem oil

Shower Hydrobath Easy rinse formulation, suitable for hydrobaths

Water Drop Concentrated for professionals, dilution up to 32:1


This pack contains the following Milly's products:

  • 100ml Blueberry and Vanilla Shampoo
  • 100ml Rhubarb and Black Plum Shampoo
  • 100ml Cucumber and Melon Facial Scrub
  • 100ml Topical Ear Cleaner

April Update: Sample packs are currently being dispatched with 4x Shampoos. 

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